Before I joined SOHK I almost got permanently excluded from school for being disruptive in class. I didn’t pay attention and I’d mess around with my friends. I used to get in trouble and then I’d get angry and shout at the teachers. I didn’t want to get excluded and I knew I had to change how I behaved but it was really difficult for me and that’s why I’m in the platform classes and not in mainstream school anymore.

I hated sport and I’ve only ever done PE twice since I started secondary school.

My worst lesson was PE. I just didn’t have any interest in sport and I hated doing exercise in front of other people. I felt awkward about other people watching me. I felt like I would be judged for not being very good. Since I started with SOHK I have started enjoying sport.

I feel confident now because I’m in an environment that feels safe.

I don’t mind people watching when I’m with SOHK because I feel comfortable with them. At first I was nervous about doing it but half way through the first session I was fine. I have learnt that I can do sport – something I never realised before. I feel more confident to try things that I wouldn’t before. I have even joined in with mainstream PE.

My favourite part of SOHK is the staff. I know I can speak to them about anything and I know they will help me get the best out of myself.

I can talk to them about things that are difficult or stressful, and just day-to-day things.

I never feel judged when I talk to them and I’m starting to build confidence in speaking to other people too - something that was difficult before.

Friday has become my favourite day at school because it is an SOHK day. I have something to look forward to at the end of the week. It’s fun and I feel proud of what I have achieve when I’m with them. It makes me feel good about myself.

I am going to try and work my way back into mainstream school and get good grades in my GCSE exams. My favourite subjects are art, English and maths. In terms of sport, I would like to continue to increase my confidence and keep taking part in SOHK and school sport sessions. I would also like to start boxing with a club outside of school. I never would have considered that before.