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Georgina Partridge is fundraising for Friends of SOHK

SOHK can changes lives! Read more

Tommy's fundraiser

I am fundraising due to getting alot of help from SOHK Read more

Chelsey's page

A great charity, run by great people, trying to make a difference for people around the UK. Read more

Better than a pint

SoHK achieves results that are second to none and are fundamentally improving the lives of kids and adults across the UK. Please help this cause by joining us as a Friend of SOHK, for just £3 per month! Read more

SOHK World Cup Challenge

I am believer that we all should commit to improve the social and mental welfare of youths in our society. Their options are much reduced to what they once were and we need to help now. Read more

SOHK Programme with Tabard RFC & Hertswood Academy

Tabard RFC is working jointly with SOHK to support children at Hertswood Academy in Borehamwood who are at risk of exclusion or significantly underperforming in their academic achievements. Please help our efforts to help children re-engage with education by becoming a Friend of SOHK for just £3 per month! Read more

Giving something back

Charity giving is a very personal consideration and there are many deserving causes. The School of Hard Knocks struck a chord with me and I hope it does with you. Together we can make a difference. Read more

Chandler's Friends

Support Stephen's appeal for Friends of SOHK, for just £3 per month! Read more

SOHK Make it Count

I’ve always enjoyed rugby and it has taught me so many lessons and helped me through some tough times now I’m raising money so I can continue that legacy for anyone involved with SOHK. Read more


SOHK is a hardworking charity supporting children and adults in their journey through education, life and into employment. The work the charity does reaches far deeper than purely what is seen on SKY Sports and all of its work needs support. Read more

BWG Rugby for SOHK

I'm fundraising to help SOHK meet their target of 5000 monthly donors by the end of the 2019 World Cup. Read more

SOHK needs YOU!

Become a Friend of SOHK for just £3 per month and help us keep changing lives! Read more