A little bit about us...

The team at All Fleet Services went through a rigorous selection process for the 2019 charity of the year with internal nominations and a number from charities themselves. The criteria was clear, a UK based charity that we could fundraise for but crucially that we could help with volunteering opportunities and that they would become a valued partner….more than just a financial donation pot but someone that would engage with and we could achieve great things with.

We’re based in the South West, a strong rugby area and with the world up approaching it’s an exciting time to be involved in the sport. But it’s about so much more than this for All Fleet Services, it’s about providing an opportunity for our staff to get involved and make a real, tangible difference and as a company to has some fun whilst we do it.

Why All Fleet Services are supporting Friends of SOHK 

A member of our team, Micky experienced the programme a few years ago. In his words, it was life changing and gave him a whole different outlook on life. He nominated SoHK as his chance to give something back, and now as a business we’d like to support him and SoHK achieve something positive together. How great would it be if we can support someone through the programme and see their lives change too and to mentor someone to help them get a job. Or to support a number of children stay in education and achieve qualifications with the help of SoHK.

Why donate £3 a month to Friends of SOHK?

What can you buy with £3 now – perhaps a coffee in the morning or a sandwich at lunchtime? Not much really, but by donating just £3 each month to SoHK, together we can achieve a lot.

If each member of staff signs up and donates, after a year we will raise £11,988 (including GiftAid and company matching) – isn’t that worth skipping a cup of coffee a month!

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