A little bit about me...

I first became involved in School of Hard Knocks as the inclusion manager in a school in Surrey and created a network programme with three local schools. This ran for three years and was very successful. I became an employee in September 2016. 

My best memory of rugby was us winning the world cup in 2003. I fell in love with the sport during this time.

Why do I want to be a Club Ambassador for SOHK?

I want to be a Club Ambassador as I TRULY believe in this charity and the work that they do! I know we change lives and enable success.The work that we do works for a number of reasons:

  • Rugby is a fantastic tool to make someone step out of their comfort zone and face fear, this in turns creates enormous self belief. 
  • We work in a truly holistic manor, looking at social, emotional and physical self. 
  • We have longevity and consistently that very few charities offer 
  • We never give up on a person 
  • We never hold a grudge or offer judgement 

Anyone and everyone is welcome with open arms. We don't ask people to change, we just help facilitate a change when a person wants it. 

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