You know me. Any charity involved with rugby is going to get my vote.   

SoHK crafts athletic prowess and team work together in the most skillful way. It is an extraordinary, innovative and altruistic charity, doing amazing things for those on the fringes. We all owe it to ourselves to 'give back'.

This is the most rewarding voluntary work I’ve ever done.

What is SoHK?

Socially inclusive charity, using the best principles of rugby to help guide and influence those marginalised, towards employment & better mental health. Programmes are delivered to young children, teens and adults. Rugby is not essential! All genders are catered for and all physical levels are coached to the best of their ability. The focus is on permanent rehabilitation into the community, and producing people who can contribute to society.

Haven’t I heard of this before?

Hopefully, yes!  If you’re a rugby fan or a Sky Sports subscriber, you’ll have seen our TV documentary.  It’s compelling viewing.

What are they trying to do?

SoHK is trying to level the playing field. Unfortunately, thousands of children and adults are not given the support they deserve and by a multitude of reasons end up in a place where they lack self-worth, confidence and the motivation to better themselves. Using rugby, strongman and boxing courses, instilled with a curriculum of powerful life lessons, we have been able to overcome these barriers and help adults back into employment and children stay in school and reengage with education.

The need for our programmes to exist is huge. Permanently excluded children have very poor chances of gaining qualifications and becoming employed, with over 50% going on to offend and less than 30% achieving even one GCSE. 

We know what we do works but we need your help to sustain it. With a monthly source of income we will be able to transform the landscape of SOHK, develop our resources and extend our reach to the thousands more adults and children, who are in desperate need of our support. 

Sounds interesting, what can I do?

As much, or as little as you can.  Anything is welcomed. Volunteer, act as a business ambassador or a mentor for the people exiting “Back to work” schemes who need our help. Your time is as valuable as your financial contribution.

For starters – we’d like you to subscribe to a monthly direct debit. £3 a month is all we ask.  More is always welcome .

But let’s start with the £3.  Sign up below.  Contact me for more details if you’d like to extend us a helping hand.