A little bit about me...

I became involved with SoHK after meeting Ken Cowen at a funding event for a film a mutual friend was hoping to get produced. SoHK had been chosen as the film’s charity partner and Ken delivered a piece on screen about the work and impact that SoHK achieves. When the lights went back up he was stood next to me!

I was hooked and asked how I could become involved on the spot – suffice to say more than 5 years later I feel as passionate about the transformation SoHK can bring as I did then.

Why rugby?

Rugby and the other sports used by SoHk to effect change have overriding principles of discipline, structure, teamwork, resilience, confidence, self-esteem all skills that are easily transferrable to the workplace, giving people the opportunity to improve themselves and look towards a brighter future.

Why I became a Club Ambassador 

I am passionate about the outcomes that SoHK deliver and want to contribute regularly to ensure that the great work that is done can be continued. I have undertaken mentoring and introducing key people to the charity but for the price of a pint I am also delighted to support financially knowing that every pound raised helps to bring change.

Please support me in becoming a Friend of SOHK