I first came across SOHK when I was an England Rugby Young Rugby Ambassador...

A young man who had been through the programme came to speak and I was completely overwhelmed by how clearly it had changed his life, and that stuck with me. It was a big part of the reason I ended up working for England Rugby, on projects that helped young people overcome difficulties by empowering them through leadership opportunities, both on and off the field.

What is my best personal memory of rugby?

I think it has to be scoring a try in a game against Richmond, after being taken out by their winger in my previous two attempts, I finally pulled the third one off! It was a try that came about from persevering, and my team mates not giving up on me despite two failed attempts down the wing. Two of my school friends had come to watch, and couldn’t stop talking about it for days, as we’d never have imagined one of us would end up playing rugby.

It was a real feeling of personal accomplishment and proving to myself I deserved to be there.


What makes me want to be an Ambassador?

I’ve stopped playing rugby currently due to injury, and miss that part of my life. Rugby is such a great sport not just on the pitch but because of the values it instills in those involved. Although I have been privileged to have a safe and happy childhood, playing rugby and being part of a team helped me through a diagnosis of a chronic illness, and having that support around me was a huge influence.

I really valued having 14 strong women around me, who regardless of differences off the pitch, all come together to support each other during a match. Although in a different way, it made such a difference to my life that I fully support the work SOHK does to support both young people and adults to turn their lives around. It can only continue to happen with a regular income stream, which is why less than the cost of a single coffee a month makes a huge difference.

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