A little bit about me...

I'm the Chair of Haringey Rhinos RFC and first heard about SOHK when they came to film a Sky Sports series at Rhino HQ. I was lucky enough to spend time with the SOHK team and see them in action, supporting men in Tottenham to change their lives. Since then, I've followed the charity closely and am so impressed with the work they do and the results they achieve. 


Why I decided to become a Club Ambassador

I've seen first hand how rugby can change lives, both through the work SOHK do and what we do at the Rhinos. I became a Club Ambassador to spread the word about the great work SOHK does and raise some money for a great cause!


Why donate £3 per month?

£3 a month is less than a coffee and less than a pint but will make a huge difference to so many people. 87p in every pound is spent on front line delivery which for me, is really important. It's £3 a month, donors won't even notice it!

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