A little bit about me...

I first heard about School of Hard Knocks through Paul Boross when the TV show commenced with Sky in 2008. I learnt more about the charity through an ambassador, Chris Ball, which is when I realised about the wider work and impact...


I truly believe in the power of sport and I believe the charity is seeking to address one of the big challenges we face as a society; the widening gap between the haves and have-nots.

At SOHK, we know that permanently excluded children have very poor life chances, including the ability to come out of school with good qualifications and getting job. Each child that is excluded from school is estimated to cost society £371,000 over the course of their lifetime through crime, unemployment and poor health. However, it costs just £600 to put a children through a year of the SOHK for Schools programme.

If we are to thrive as a society, we need everyone believing and having opportunities to achieve their potential, contribute and reap the benefits of hard work.

I believe in the power of team sport. The ability to have frank and candid conversations whilst retaining relationships and camaraderie within the team. Common goals and objectives help with this. Watching the first 2 TV series reinforced these beliefs.

Why have I become a Club Ambassador for SOHK?

I have decided to become a Club Ambassador for Friends of SOHK because I believe in the mission of the charity.

I want to be a part of SOHK's journey, helping them on their way to achieving their aims of a fairer society, enabling a better balance of opportunities for all, regardless of background, education or postcode. 

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