A little bit about me...

Being raised and named after a rugby player and with a Welsh father, rugby was always seemingly destined to play a major part in my life. Growing up in Kent playing rugby union, I was able to find a place of acceptance and a social camaraderie I was missing in day to day life. Furthermore, I was able to develop vital character traits and core skills that would benefit me in life. Following this I decided to follow my namesake’s (Iestyn Harris) path and ply my trade in rugby league. Student honours with Wales and Great Britain followed whilst I studied at Cardiff Metropolitan University, as well as receiving an athletic scholarship in my third year. Unfortunately injuries derailed my journey from student to professional, but after 3 years on the shelf I’m now back playing National level – with a view to progression - alongside my work full time in a sport’s charity.

Why I wanted to become a Club Ambassador 

It is my current job that I credit rugby for. For that reason I’m a huge advocate of what SOHK does, as I know from personal experience that rugby has the ability to improve employability, as well as confidence and self-esteem. Growing up I had seen Quinnell and Greenwood leading the SOHK charge on Sky Sports, so the opportunity to personally get involved with too good to pass up and I look forward to being an ambassador for this great organisation.


Why donate £3 a month?

Donating £3 a month has a huge benefit for the organisation if a large quantity of people come together to donate. Too often charities ask for large lump sums, however this is not the most achievable form of donation. For the price of a meal deal or a large cappuccino, many people can donate to SOHK and in turn have a drastic effect on the programme and the projects it runs. If we all come together with a small monthly donation, we can collaboratively make a huge difference.

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