A little about us…

The Law Society RFC is one incredible team. Or rather, three teams, but we all rely on each other, on and off the pitch. Alex currently plays on the wing for the 1st XV, while Mark (recently retired from the 2nd row) is safely tucked up on the sideline.


When did you first hear about SOHK?

Mark: I first came across SOHK through my job at Milbank. I was asked to help out with mock interview sessions for course participants, and loved it. The instant benefit that these sessions has on the participants is very rewarding. Since then, I’ve started to co-ordinate the interview sessions, and try to get involved with fundraising efforts, such as completing SOHK’s Alpine Challenge.


Alex: I was asked to take part in a charity boxing event, to raise money for SOHK. The idea of getting punched in the face repeatedly seemed great, in the context of helping adults and children in the UK to re-engage with employment and education. I think the role of sport and teamwork is a fundamental part of that process.


Why did you decide to become a Club Ambassador for SOHK?

We have seen first-hand the incredible impact that SOHK has on the lives of its beneficiaries. It is a well-run charity that achieves great things with the resources it has. Every penny really does count, and so we want to sign up our friends as Friends of SOHK, so that the charity can expand its life-changing programmes.

Rugby has shaped me as a man and I strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play. You are not going to notice £3 leaving your account every month but SOHK will. Sign up today and give back to those who need it most.


Become a Friend of SOHK today!