Why rugby?

After playing rugby for many years and (after injury and having children) moving into coaching mini rugby, I have seen first hand what a positive effect team sport has with children and adults.

The children I coach all have an outlet to express themselves, they have a large group of "rugby peers" they can talk to and (in addition) have fun, whilst accessing controlled, disciplined fitness. We see our children grow not only in stature but also in confidence and self presence throughout each season.

It's true, rugby is a game for all shapes and sizes, everybody has a job to do on the field as they do in life. Rugby's core values are a valuable life lesson that can be applied in any situation.

I believe that everybody that plays a team sport gains massively from the experience. Not only from the fitness and social aspects but also because it give a sense of belonging, a sense of family and importantly channel in which to direct and express themselves.


Like many people, I was first exposed to SOHK through the series on SKY Sports. I have put myself forward as an ambassador to assist in fundraising for the charity to enable them to continue to grow their work, helping more people gain direction and positivity in their lives.

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