As a passionate rugby coach and player I have seen first hand the impact that sport can have on troubled teens and adults.

Rugby provides someone with a place to release aggression in a controlled manner, it provides a sense of belonging within a team and welcomes you into a new family. Ultimately, rugby develops a sense of purpose.

Why is School of Hard Knocks (SOHK) important?

The need for programmes they deliver to exist is vast. Permanently excluded children have a very poor chance of gaining qualifications and becoming employed, with over 50% going onto offend and less than 30% achieving even one GCSE. Each child that is excluded from school is estimated to cost society £371,000 over the course of their lifetime through crime, unemployment and poor health. 

I would like to help School of Hard Knocks deliver their programmes on a much wider scale, which starts with just £3 per month. This is nothing to most of us and not even the price of a coffee in most places. 

Please click the donate button on this page to pledge your support to SOHK and become one of the 5,000 friends to an incredible grassroots charity.