A little bit about me...

My favourite rugby memory is regularly playing for my club, Henley RFC on a Saturday and our pub side, The Five Horseshoes, on the Sunday. Selection for the Sunday game took place late each Saturday night, invariably in a pub or club. Regardless of how battered and bruised you were or how much you had consumed you couldn't turn down selection. 

Why rugby?

Because the team were (and still are) great friends. To fail to turn up would be to letting down my mates and the team. It would also mean missing out on incredible pre, during and post-match camaraderie.
Like many others I first came across SOHK when I saw the Sky Sports series. It was impossible not to be moved and hooked by the impact our sport and its values can have.

So, why School of Hard Knocks?

When the opportunity to be a Club Ambassador for SOHK came up I grabbed it with both hands. I am very fortunate that rugby, and life in general, have afforded me incredible opportunities and a support network of the greatest friends I could wish for. However, there are many kids and adults across the country who not only have much more negative experiences in life but actually desperately need positive intervention to provide validation, motivation and support to help them realise their potential.

The rugby family and my 'team' can, with relatively minimal effort, help SOHK make a huge impact. This is where our game, its values and its supporters show their true colours.Max Tilney

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