School of Hard Knocks (SOHK) uses sport to tackle the tough issues surrounding unemployment, crime and health.

We work with individuals to help them take responsibility and take positive steps to change their lives.

Delivery Methodology 

SOHK offers a number of different programmes, each tailored to its audience and principal aims. The constant factor factor is our methodology:

  • Controlled confrontation
  • Challenging activities 
  • Constant affirmation of self-worth and motivation

We run courses throughout the UK, changing the lives of children and adults using rugby, boxing and strongman courses, supported by a curriculum of powerful life lessons. We work with unemployed adults to find and sustain employment; and with school children at risk of exclusion to help them reengage with education.

You can read about our impact here; hear about some of our amazing success stories here; and can support our life-changing work here.

"School of Hard Knocks uses rugby as a catalyst - the main goal is to get these people into employment by giving them the key skills they need through the sport...

It's about picking someone up when they are down; giving them a hand if they are struggling and hopefully putting a smile on their face".

    Scott Quinnell - Wales, British & Irish Lions - SOHK Ambassador