Having had an office opposite the SOHK team I got to see first hand the passion, care, and brilliance in the delivery of life-changing programmes for people who need a little extra push. Ken should be a role model for everyone and I'll take any opportnity to support the brilliant work these guys are doing... even if it's gonna end in agony.

I'm a born and bread Londoner who's always been passionate about using social enterprise to cause change in urban enviroments. Growing up, both my parents worked in difficult inner city schools to help turn them around and give better opportunities to the kids.

I've always been so proud of the change that they were able to enact and there was no moment better than an old pupil bumping into my dad in the street, thanking 'Mr. Clauson' for his work and telling my dad all about the things they've done since school. But this challenge isn't just about doing good, it's about mascastic rugby playing as well.

I have always been a highly active individual, I grew up as a ballet dancer and then threw myself into every sport possible when I quite ballet at the age of 15. I'm not sure anything can prepare someone for 30 hours of pain, but ballet seems a pretty good place to start.

I am the Co-Founder and CEO of UnderPinned, a media and tech platform that supports freelancers and creative entrepreneurs through an online magazine, community and education platform, and a cloud based career management portal.

Albert Azis-Clauson