School of Hard Knocks has been a part of rugby since 2007 and it now helps over 750 adults and children each year grow to meet their potential. The aim of this year, on 25-26 August at the training base of London Irish, is to attempt to play the longest game of rugby which will be a Guinness World Record of 30 hours! 
Rugby has been a huge part of my life and since playing from the age of five, it has shaped me in to the man I am today.
After receiving an invitation from a fellow player and friend (who is a current GWR holder for the same challenge) I could not turn down such a fantastic opportunity and I am honoured and thrilled to be able to raised money for this charity with 22 other heroes. SOHK gives those in need the experience to do something different with their lives, to focus their minds and to develop the life long friendships which can only be developed on the rugby field. I cannot wait to support SOHK so it can keep supporting those in need.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and for your generous donation!

Alexander McPeake