Four years ago, I was immensely proud to take part in a Guinness World Record for the longest rugby match in support of SOHK. It was, mentally and physically, the toughest thing I have ever chosen to endure. It was an exhausting, inspiring, painful, and ultimately euphoric experience.

When the opportunity to play again this year presented itself, I was initially daunted to put myself through it all again. But following discussions with the team at SOHK, and understanding the difference this has made - and will make again - to be able to support people in real need of some help, I felt compelled to do what I can, and put my personal worries into context and parked to one side. This time I'm going into it with my eyes wide open to the lows and highs I can look forward to on the weekend, but also the good the funds raised will be put to.

Please consider donating to this truly inspirational charity's work, and supporting me in demonstrating I never do learn from my experience!

Andrew Morgan