46 players, 30 hours, 1 world record. On the 25th and 26th of August we will be aiming to break the world record for longest rugby match ever at 30 hours. 23 man squads will compete non-stop for the time in what will be a serious mental and physical test. Keeping the number of players on each team restricted will mean we have to stay really focused on managing our energy and state of mind throughout. An even split across everyone would mean playing an average of nearly 23 hours each, or in other words 17 full games of rugby.

This madness however is for a great cause. School of Hard Knocks is a ground-breaking social inclusion charity. They use sport to help unemployed adults and children at risk of exclusion to realise their potential. Never being far away from sport, I have seen the sense of belonging and values this can bring to those less fortunate. Please support me in fundraising for their life-changing programmes. Daniel Dimoline