Support me as I climb the height of Kilimanjaro for SOHK this summer!

SOHK is a charity that really matters to me because the School of Hard Knocks delivers life-changing programmes across the UK. They change the lives of children and adults using sport, supported by a curriculum of powerful life lessons. They work with unemployed adults to find and sustain employment; and with school children at risk of exclusion to help them reengage with education.

We all know someone who has fallen on hard times or who grew up without the opportunities that every young person should be afforded.

Many children suffer through life as a result of their situation growing up that is no fault of their own. Due to difficult circumstances, their potential isn’t realised and they end up heading down a path that is harmful, often falling into homelessness and the criminal justice system. This process begins at school where they are marginalised and start displaying destructive behaviours that lead to exclusion. Exclusion from school usually means exclusion from life.

SOHK works to help young people re-engage with their education and prevent people from drifting to the margins of society.

Through our programmes, we have seen:
94% of our at-risk pupils avoid permanent exclusion, there is a 62% fall in behavioural referrals across all schools, a 66% increase in punctuality and a 50% improvement in attendance.

To raise money for their life-changing work, I am climbing 4000m over three days in Chamonix this summer.

Please support me with any donation, big or small, to spur me on over barriers of weather, gradient and exhaustion this summer! 

As always, 87p of every £1 donated to SOHK will be spent directly on frontline work.

claire Rafferty