On August 15th 2015, I was part of the SOHK team which played over 28 hours of full contact rugby against the military charity Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

This record was beaten in 2017 and this August School of Hard Knocks are aiming to regain it against Wooden Spoon.


Despite my many, many injuries, rugby has been a very generous mistress who has enriched my life far more she's taken.

I have played rugby in over 15 countries, alongside pub amateurs and professional players. I was primarily an amateur and semi-pro player with a few fleeting professional stints along the way. I've had a career of major highs and I've made great friends amongst teammates and opponents.

I genuinely believe sport, and rugby in particular can change lives. It changed mine. I've watched it change the lives for the better of those around me and through the work of the social inclusion charity School Of Hard Knocks.

I know that without their work the overwhelming majority of the adults and children they work with would probably not have successful lives. They would continue as they are - in poverty, marginalised, with mental health problems, lacking motivation, and self esteem. In short, with an absence of hope or prospects.

I won't be begging you for money constantly, and I'll be putting my own money where my mouth is, but I'd ask you to please support the charity and the incredible work of Wooden Spoon too in this insane venture by clicking ‘Give Now’ and donating whatever you can. Please also spread the word - the more people who know about us, and the ridiculous match we’re doing, the better.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

Hospital Dave

44 Players. 30 hours. 2 Amazing Charities.
1 World Record. Dave Thomas