The best game I will never have played!


Over the May bank holiday weekend, I had a pretty nasty accident (in a gym ironically) whilst training to prepare myself for the School of Hard Knocks attempt to break the Guinness World record for the longest ever game of Rugby Union between just two squads of 23, over the bank holiday weekend this August.


I spent four night in hospital having had my quads re-attached to my knee after a complete rupture and am looking at 8-9 months of rehab. It’s pretty devastating because I’ve been told that even the odd charity rugby match cameo in the future is completely out of the question (something to do with re-rupture rates in over 50s! The cheek of it!)


The reason I was putting myself through the mill with more training than I’d done in many years, was because I was confident that by playing as a) the founder of SOHK b) by a country mile the oldest person on the pitch, I would probably raise more money than anyone else.


And so, I have decided to fundraise anyway, asking if you would sponsor me for the best game I will never have played in!


The cause is genuinely worthwhile  - please take a look through our website and remind yourselves of what we do…. And then, if you are minded to, please donate here...

Ken Cowen