on the 8th June I will be doing a 13 mile walk to raise money for this amazing charity, Those who know me will realise what an enormous challenge this will be but for me but I feel that School of Hard knocks deserve my effort. Please see the details of the race- www.racetothetower.com/heineken2019

We are not all lucky enough to get the support we need so School of Hard Knocks do a fantastic job to help those that are struggling. They use rugby, boxing and strongman supported by a curriculum of powerful life lessons. They help unemployed Adults to find and sustain employment and help school children at risk of exclusion to help them re-engage with education. 87% of donations are spent directly on fron line work.

79% Of adults that gain employment through SOHK sustain it in the long term
94% Of pupils on SOHK for Schools avoid permanent exclusion and complete their education
95% Of adults completing SOHK have improved self-confidence, motivation, hopefulness and ability to face challenges Emma Hunt