To play in a 30 hour full contact game of rugby it is a sensible idea to get some insurance! It is down to you as the individual player to purchase cover and decide what level of cover you need. 

We are recommending you purchase your Sports Accident Insurance through Sports Cover Direct, please click on our affiliate link below. 

Please note: Sports Cover Direct provide daily cover, so please make sure you are covered for two days.

Sports Accident Insurance

Sports Accident Insurance description

This policy is designed to offer Sports Accident cover to individuals who participate in sports / leisure activities on an amateur, or semi-professional basis. (Cover is not available for "Professionals" ie anybody who earns more than £5000 a year through their sport, who does the sport as their main occupation, or who has a contract covering that sport). It will provide personal accident cover for the chosen sport(s) plus all other sports in the same group and lower groups. Benefits include personal accident, broken bone payments, accidental death, and personal liability and there is the option to include loss of earnings cover. Three levels of cover are available and policies can be single day, multiple days or annual. This policy is not intended for use as Travel insurance as it does not include any cover for medical expenses abroad or repatriation."