Life is an uneven playing field
We help level it out


Of adults that get a job through SOHK sustain it in the long term


Of pupils on SOHK for Schools avoid permanent exclusion and complete their education


Of adults completing SOHK have improved self-confidence, motivation, hopefulness and ability to face challenges

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SOHK delivers life-changing programmes across the UK. We change the lives of children and adults using rugby, boxing and strongman courses, supported by a curriculum of powerful life lessons. We work with unemployed adults to find and sustain employment; and with school children at risk of exclusion to help them reengage with education. Please help us to reach more people in need of our services by donating today. We spend at least 87% of every donation directly on frontline work.



Target amount: £2,147,483,647.00

Amount raised: £59,919.51


Latest news

  • Jamie's Story

    Jamie started on School of Hard Knocks’ Schools Programme just over a year ago. His behaviour had become unmanageable at school and he constantly found himself in trouble. Since starting the programme Jamie’s behaviour and way of thinking has changed dramatically. Jamie’s teachers not only find him much easier to handle, but have noticed that he contributes positively in lessons, asks insightful questions and has more respect for others. Read more

  • Macy's Story

    When School of Hard Knocks started working with Macy on the Schools Programme, she was getting involved in fights on a regular basis. Not knowing how to handle her behaviour, Macy's school recommended she get involved with SOHK. Each week the team found a new way to engage Macy more and more with the rugby sessions so as to help her improve her confidence both on and off the pitch. Macy now mentors other students, trains with Quins Girls Rugby and dreams of playing internationally for Wales. Read more

  • Jo and Angela's Story

    When we met Jo just under eleven months ago, her attendance at school was well below average. She had started to find it increasingly difficult to control her emotions, which in turn caused her relationships with peers and teachers to suffer. Eleven months since starting on SOHK's Schools Programme and Jo now feels much happier, more confident and secure in herself. Read more