SOHK Summer Touch

On Saturday 6th June, School of Hard Knocks (SOHK) will be hosting a mixed touch rugby tournament at Rosslyn Park RFC in aid of our life-changing work. This is a fantastic opportunity for your business to meaningfully combine staff wellbeing, CSR, networking and team bonding. The tournament will be formed of ten teams of up to 13 players of mixed gender - and to spice things up a little, each team will be given an international player for the day! Read more

Jamie's Story

Jamie started on School of Hard Knocks’ Schools Programme just over a year ago. His behaviour had become unmanageable at school and he constantly found himself in trouble. Jamie was confrontational and defiant when it came to listening to his teachers, feeling as though everyone was against him. Jamie’s mum Clair, was on the phone to the school on a daily basis being told of new problem that Jamie had caused or a new incident that he had been involved in. Read more

Jo and Angela's Story

When we met Jo just under eleven months ago, her attendance at school was well below average. She had started to find it increasingly difficult to control her emotions, which in turn caused her relationships with peers and teachers to suffer. Her own personal wellbeing was also being affected, Jo became tearful and angry when at school, so she started to make excuses to not go in. Read more

Karen's Story

When we met Karen in January, she had a lung condition called COPD which was gradually getting worse. She was a heavy smoker and was rarely active. Karen had also just been made redundant and due to the fact that she had been in her previous job for such a long time, was out of practice in terms of applying for new roles. When one of School of Hard Knocks’ course facilitators handed Karen a leaflet at the job centre she was volunteering at, her interest in the course was immediately piqued. Read more

Lisa's Story

When Lisa started on School of Hard Knocks’ Adult Course, she felt as though she wasn’t doing anything with her life. She spent her days alone inside her house and had few people to talk to which impacted negatively on her mental health and caused her to develop poor self-esteem. Just under a year later and Lisa's life has completely transformed. Please make your gift last this Christmas and become a friend of SOHK today. Read more

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SOHK Mens West London Boxing Course 2019

SOHK Mens West London Boxing Course 2018 at the Westway Centre, rebuilt after the Grenfell Tower fire. Read more

The SOHK Huddle: Scotland Schools

The SOHK Huddle provides an overview of our successes and participant stories. This month we're focusing on Scotland Schools. Read more

SOHK Welsh 6 Nations Dinner

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SOHK's 2019 Kick-Off

With programmes running in England, Scotland, and Wales there's always so much going on in SOHK. Read more here about some of our amazing achievements so far in 2019. Read more

Voting Membership Application Form

Become a Voting Member of School of Hard Knocks, with the right to vote at our AGM and help us achieve our long term strategy. Read more