Why did you decide to volunteer with SOHK?

In September 2021, the programme was introduced to my school Maesteg Comprehensive and my Head of Health & Wellbeing inspired me to learn about the programme and get involved in any way I could.

What have you learned?

Volunteering on the programme has helped my organisation skills and to be adaptable with different personalities and age groups. The programme has supported my personal development and allowed me to consider academic and career pathways I would never have considered before starting with the SOHK team.

It has allowed me to develop self-confidence self-worth and improved my social, emotional, and physical well-being. Developing interpersonal skills that are transferable for life.

How has it supported you? What have you got from it?

Volunteering with SOHK has supported my step into higher education, developed my confidence to now pursue coaching boxing and personal training. I feel the SOHKs team have taught me a variety of leaderships skills and have helped me feel comfortable being myself whilst working with a range of students.

I have been able to develop professional relationships that have given me the tools to be successful in later life and hopefully my chosen career pathway.

What are your future aspirations?

To become a boxing coach and inspire young people to realise their potential. School and academic studies have always been something I have not found easy although I would like to support empower young people that with the right attitude and effort anything is achievable. Working with the SOHK team at Maesteg School has been truly inspirational and I would well come an opportunity to be part of any SOHK programme for pupils and staff. There is a sense of purpose and belonging that can empower any diverse individual need.

Emily Scudamore, Head of Health & Wellbeing at Maesteg:

“Josie and I have a fantastic relationship from choosing Physical Education at KS4 & 5. Josie is an asset to our faculty and is heavily involved in multiple sporting activities Boxing and Dance to name just a few. Josie asked for some advice as she was stuck at a crossroads unsure what career pathway to pursue after finishing school. She discussed her interest was working with young people and I suggested her involvement in the School of Hard Knocks programme.”