Tabard RFC is working jointly with SOHK to support children at Hertswood Academy in Borehamwood who are at risk of exclusion or significantly underperforming in their academic achievements. Excluded young people are more likely to be unemployed, develop severe mental health problems and end up in prison. I am convinced this programme will result in more playing members at Tabard RFC and fewer young adults in prison.

The programme which started on 12 September, 2018 involves 20 at risk students in school year nine and forms them into a rugby team. Students are enjoying at least one hour of rugby every week whilst experiencing group mentoring sessions. They will benefit from these sessions for at least twelve weeks over 38 weeks of the year spanning three academic years in total. Mentoring sessions are conducted both at at a group and individual level and the overall initiative is supported by direct input from Hertswood Academy staff who will provide information related to attendance, behaviour and any associated issues students may be facing in their lives. 

As a long serving rugby club volunteer, I know that the game of rugby inspires a stronger sense of camaraderie than any other. I can already see that the Hertswood Academy students are responding to the validation, motivation and sense of belonging that is needed to get them back on track. Rugby does this like no other sport.

We are hoping to raise £50,000 over the next four to five years. Working on a five year plan. Plus 30 Direct Debit Donations at £3 per month.

Kind Regards,