Thank you to everyone who attended the SOHK Cymru 6 Nations Dinner. Held at the amazing Classroom restaurant, Cardiff and Vale College on Friday, February 22nd, it was an event I won't forget anytime time soon.

The evening was one of inspiring participant stories, great food, music and of course plenty of rugby talk! A huge thank you to our amazing participants, Joe, Charlie, Mary and Cameron for their candor and bravery being in sharing their stories in front of so many people. 

As always, a huge thank you to the many partners and friends who support the work of SOHK in Wales. Without you our work wouldn't be possible.

A personal highlight of the evening was the whole room blasting out Calon Lan on the ‘dance floor’ in one big cwtch!

Until our next time, thank you for your supporting SOHK Wales


Catryn Grundy

Director, Cymru

School of Hard Knocks Charity