The past 10 years have seen School of Hard Knocks work with a number of different delivery partners to successfully reach and support more adults and young people across our UK bases. This year we are thrilled to be working in partnership with the Prince’s Trust Cymru, who are working with 16-25 year olds through their Explore programme. The programme is designed to help young people to develop the skills and confidence they need to take positive steps forward with their lives - a mission which is closely aligned with our own, so a natural fit for collaboration. This partnership enabled us to provide the Explore participants with our unique and trusted combination of rugby, classroom activity and one-to-one counselling, and this was particularly timely as the Prince’s Trust are seeing an increase in referrals of young people who have experienced trauma or are experiencing poor mental health. Our counsellor attended the weekly sessions and continued to offer post-programme support for any of the young people who required this.

As a result of this programme, two young people went on to join our full SOHK adult course, and two decided they were ready to head to University.

"Working in partnership with SOHK has been a total revelation to me, and I have gained some much from the experience. I have run both an online and face-face sessions with SOHK, and each time the enthusiasm amongst our young people has been electric. Initially when the word rugby is mentioned our young people recoil in horror at the thought of big people smashing into each other (which it mostly is) - but when they realise that there is a softer side and with the inhouse sessions, you really get a sense that they see the worth in it all, and can't wait for the next session to come round.”

Simon Stockton, Youth Development Lead at PT

“Having worked with Princes Trust as a delivery partner on both in person and online courses, as well as delivering guest sessions previously, is it clear that their passion for seeing young people succeed and reach their potential aligns with ours. With this partnership and our shared values we can really work to combine our methodology in working together to make a difference to so many young people across Wales in helping to change mindsets, increase confidence and take positive steps forward in achieving their ambitions. A partnership where Rugby meets Adventure – now that’s exciting”

            Shaunni Davies, SOHK Cymru Adults Programme Manager

We will collaborate again on the next Explore programme in June, and are excited to continue and develop this partnership and work together to support more young people to move forward with their lives. Watch this space for more!