In Partnership with Cloud Digital, Positive Transformation and Mrs Whelan’s soaps School of Hard Knocks have been donated 500 artisan soaps

School of Hard Knocks are delighted to have received the kind donation of 500 School of Hard Knocks branded soaps in conjunction with Cloud Digital, Positive Transformation Initiative (PTI) and Mrs Whelan’s Soaps. These beautifully crafted soaps will help the charity to increase awareness around their work - something which is imperative for SOHK’s growth, especially in these trying times. 

“It was fantastic to work with Positive Transformation (PTI) and Cloud Digital to create these SOHK branded, handmade soaps. These types of strategic partnerships that go beyond just giving financial help, are integral to School of Hard Knocks’ vision of a society in which everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. We always strive to work with organisations that share our vision and goals so that we can work together to bring about lasting change and look forward to seeing how we might collaborate with PTI and Cloud Digital in the future." - School of Hard Knocks

 School of Hard Knocks exists to empower and support individuals facing inequality and works towards creating a society in which everyone is given the opportunity to realise and fulfil their potential. Through the use of high-impact sport and tailored mentoring, SOHK helps children and adults facing significant barriers to harness their abilities in a way that works for them, empowering them to be the very best versions of themselves. 

Dan Brown, founder of Positive Transformation Initiative has been a great friend and supporter of School of Hard Knocks since the charity’s conception. PTI’s values are closely aligned with SOHK’s, with the initiative seeking to enable a more socially mobile society and develop a positive inclusive environment for everyone.

“The Positive Transformation Initiative (PTI) is a network of trusted networks bringing like-minded people together to support wonderful projects and charities like The School of Hard Knocks. Having the opportunity to help the SOHK team by bringing them together with Cloud Digital and Mrs Whelan’s Soaps to create a positive collaboration is what PTI is all about.” -Dan Brown, Founder of PTI

Jonathan Palmer, co-founder of Cloud Digital currently sits on PTI’s Commercial Committee and was thrilled to be able to support SOHK with a donation as well as a gift in kind.

 “In these challenging times we were very pleased to be able to give something back.  Dan Brown, Founder of Positive Transformation Initiative (PTI) approached me to see if we could support SOHK. I said we were delighted to do so and mentioned that our Programme Director Jude made handmade Palm Oil and plastic free packaged soaps. We said that as well as a donation we would like to donate 500 handmade soaps using SOHK;s branding." -Jonathan Palmer Co Founder of Cloud Digital Ltd

School of Hard Knocks looks forward to working with Cloud Digital in the future and being connected with more like-minded businesses with the help of the Positive Transformation Initiative.