Just over under a month ago we officially launched our new partnership with consulting firm Moorhouse. Moorhouse is a growing business dedicated to establishing a culture of change, so it feels very fitting that School of Hard Knocks has been chosen as their charity partner, as we undoubtedly share this commitment.

We kicked off the partnership with our Bake or Break challenge - do as many burpees/squats/pressups as you can in 5 minutes or bake the ultimate lockdown treat! Moorhouse rose to the occasion like absolute pros and within an incredibly short space of time raised enough funds to support a child through tailored coaching and 1-to-1 mentoring sessions for an entire year. Since then SOHK and Moorhouse have been in close contact over Zoom. Moorhouse staff joined us for one our weekly yoga sessions, SOHK led an online workout with the team and we held an inspirational talk with World Cup Winner Andy Gomarsall MBE and Ken Cowen, CEO of SOHK.  

These types of partnerships are integral to School of Hard Knocks’ work. We always strive to work with organisations and businesses that share our vision and goals so that we can work together to bring about lasting change. We look forward to the next two years with Moorhouse as a corporate partner and are excited for the new opportunities that this partnership will bring.