SOHK for Schools pupils at Hertswood Academy paid a visit to Harrow School to play some rugby!  

The boys made an extremely good account of themselves both on and off the rugby field. Bearing in mind that this was their first ever game of competitive rugby the Hertswood Academy team played with commitment and demonstrated a great sense of responsibility, showing nothing but respect for their opponents and the referee.

Toby Smith captained the side for the day and as is customary with rugby he introduced himself to the opposition captain and also the referee, shaking hands with both of them in the process.

Having played a great deal more rugby than Hertswood, Harrow were clearly the more accomplished side and ran in several impressive tries. All credit to the Hertswood boys however, as they never gave up and responded with two very good tries of their own.

The closing session involved both sets of students coming together to create two well balanced Harrow/Hertswood teams which provided a very entertaining game. The boys integrated extremely well and supported each other enthusiastically throughout.

At the end both teams clapped each other from the playing field, as is customary in rugby. We finished off the day having a really enjoyable and wholesome meal of chicken and chips in Harrow School’s Great Dining Hall which the Hertswood Academy boys thought was straight out of Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

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