Last Wednesday, SOHK England celebrated our most recent female cohort, who graduated from the Adult Employability course in Croydon. 

Twelve women, who just eight weeks ago had never met each other, began a journey together, pushing their physical and mental boundaries to tackle obstacles in their lives which were restricting them from reaching their full potential. 

Hosted at Allianz - who supported the course by coaching the women during their mock-interviews - the SOHK team were truly in awe of the progress these women had made together, as a family. 

Priscila, SOHK Fitness Coach, who has been with these women since their first day in the boxing gym, has witnessed first-hand the positive journeys made by all participants and said:

"I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work along side the SOHK charity for their most recent women’s programme in Croydon. During the 8 week programme, I was able to assist with recruitment and facilitation of the course.

"This experience was very insightful for me as a woman and female instructor. I now have a better understanding of the barriers that woman face on a day-to-day basis in finding work and participating in exercise, such as childcare, language, finances, and mental health.
"Being able to witness firsthand the change in participants' mind sets from week 1 to week 8 has been invaluable. The combination of exercise sessions and self-development workshops does well in building a team ethic, building up individual confidence and creating the right mind-set to approach the world of work.

"I have had the opportunity to not only see an impressive progression in fitness and strength but also to see some woman happily accept job offers, interviews, and most importantly feel happier and content within themselves.

"SOHK provides a brilliant structure and environment that caters to individual growth, resilience and career progression."